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Food and Beverage Development

Asset Management

Revival has a talent for balancing the results in all aspects of Hotel Management: A positive employee performance that is based on teaching rather than dictation. Exceptional guest satisfaction that is driven by experience rather than a formula. Unprecedented financial performance created by a sustainable profit strategy rather than short term revenue growth.

“Brand” is often a word that is overused. A brand is not simply a name and a logo; at Revival, we believe that a brand must be woven into each step of the experience so our guests can see, touch, and feel what makes us different. From our experiences of building a industry changing hotel brand from 10 to 32 hotels in 3 years, managing several of the premier hotels in the world, and consulting on some of the most imaginative projects in the industry, we fully understand what it takes to build a real brand and the value that it creates.

We fully believe that a dynamic Food and Beverage concept can provide a source of revenue and positive reputation that can bring a hotel to an elite level. At Revival, we understand that for a F&B program to have its maximum impact it needs to be approached from a 360 degree perspective and not in just recycling an already used concept. Our experience in conceptualizing new products, intelligently structuring a profitable business plan, and then execute that plan with our proprietary operational tools is elite in the independent hotel space.

The last thing that we would want to be is a traditional asset manager for a hotel; anyone can read a P&L and point out all of the flaws of the operational team. Revival becomes a true extension of ownership as we collaborate with the operations team to create new strategies, impart knowledge from our first class experience and measure performance to achieve positive results. With the same mindset as all of our services, we base our fees purely upon the incremental profit that we provide an asset.